WA Health SWI Evaluation

Closed 30 Nov 2015

Opened 19 Oct 2015


Thank you for agreeing to complete this short (~5 minutes) survey about the WA Health Staff Wellness Initiative (SWI). The WA Health SWI was developed in 2012 and aims to support and encourage WA Health workplaces to develop environments, policies and practices that support employee healthy lifestyle behaviours. This survey will provide valuable feedback about how well the SWI is doing and inform future strategies for enabling health and wellbeing across all WA Health workplaces.

Why your views matter

To obtain feedback on the SWI activities to date, and inform the development of future activities and initiatives in order to achieve the overall objectives of the SWI.

What happens next

Feedback on the WA Health Staff Wellness Initiative (SWI) will be analysed and used to inform on how successful the initiative has been to date in achieving its objectives, which are:

To increase awareness of evidence-based, best practice workplace health and wellbeing programs

To increase awareness of and access to healthy lifestyle information, programs, policies and services available to staff

To increase support and acceptance for WA Health staff to participate in healthy lifestyle behaviours in and through the workplace

To increase the capacity of WA Health staff, services and divisions to develop health and wellbeing programs and initiatives.

The information collected will inform furture strategies and directions of the SWI. 



  • Citizen Space Training
  • Event Participants
  • Royal St Staff
  • Public and Aboriginal Health Division
  • Students
  • Allied Health
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Aboriginal Health
  • Carers
  • Consumer
  • Medicare Local
  • Midwife
  • Non Government Organisations
  • Population Health
  • Prevention Professionals
  • Policy
  • Planning
  • Primary Care Teams
  • Researchers
  • Academics


  • Feedback