Health and Medical Research and Innovation Strategy Consultation

Closed 7 Jun 2019

Opened 13 May 2019


Provision of world-class, economically sustainable health care in Western Australia (WA) faces challenges that arise from multiple factors, including a growing and ageing population as well as new lifestyle and technological demands. Health and medical research, innovation and commercialisation can make important contributions to addressing these challenges while creating jobs and new industries, and bringing broader economic benefits to the State. Research and innovation can improve health care through advancements in medical knowledge, policy and practice, the development of innovative technology and contributing to the attraction and retention of a high calibre health and medical workforce.

Through the 2017 Future Health Research and Innovation (FHRI) policy, the State Government has committed to establishing the FHRI Fund. The FHRI Fund will drive research and, ultimately, improve the health and prosperity of Western Australians by providing a long-term, secure source of funding for research, innovation and commercialisation in WA.

The FHRI Fund will build on significant State Government research and infrastructure investment, act as a powerful lever to access major Australian Government funding and bring more clinical trials to WA. The expected benefits will accrue to:

  • the health and wellbeing of Western Australians;
  • the quality of the WA research and innovation ecosystem;
  • sustained employment and economic growth; and
  • the reputation of WA as a leader in research, innovation and commercialisation.

In order to fully realise these benefits, a coordinated, strategic approach is required in WA. Therefore, the Department of Health is developing a Health and Medical Research and Innovation strategy (the Strategy). The outcomes from the May 2019 consultations will inform the Strategy for supporting a vibrant research, innovation and commercialisation ecosystem in the State.

Why We Are Consulting

The scope of the Strategy will include research, innovation and commercialisation activities aimed at or contributing to, directly or indirectly:

  1. understanding or improving human health and wellbeing;
  2. enhancing the quality, efficiency or effectiveness of human health or medical care; and
  3. fostering excellence which contributes to the strategic development and growth of research, innovation and commercialisation in Western Australia.

Therefore, stakeholders for the Strategy are diverse, including but not limited to, consumers, training organisations, philanthropists, private companies, investors, research institutions, health service providers, the State Government, the Department of Health, other State Government agencies and national and international research and innovation funders. All stakeholders have an important role in setting and implementing the themes that will feature in the Strategy.

The online and face-to-face consultations being held in May 2019 will test and refine the five potential themes proposed in the Discussion Paper. Responses received through the online consultation space and outputs from the forum will be carefully considered by the Department of Health before being synthesised into the Strategy, which will be presented to the Minister for Health for endorsement. The approved Strategy will form the basis from which priorities for the FHRI Fund will be developed.


  • Anyone from any background


  • Clinical Excellence
  • Strategic Policy
  • Planning