HIV Integrated Case Management Program WA Guidelines Consultation 2019

Closed 4 Sep 2019

Opened 22 Aug 2019


The Integrated Case Management Program (ICMP) in Western Australia provides a management approach for health professionals to support people with HIV who are identified to be a high risk for HIV transmission to other people.

The focus of this consultation is to obtain feedback on the proposed updated draft guidelines, titled “Guidelines for managing HIV transmission risk behaviours in WA, 2019”. These draft guidelines have been reviewed by key stakeholders from government and non-government organisations.

Please read the draft guidelines “Guidelines for managing HIV transmission risk behaviours in WA, 2019 DRAFT”, which is located under the 'Related documents' section at the bottom of this page, before completing this survey.

Background of the Integrated Case Management Program

While most people living with HIV conscientiously avoid behaviour which exposes others to the risk of HIV infection, a very small number of people continue to place others at risk of HIV transmission.

People who are managed under the ICMP have been identified as demonstrating ongoing behaviour which places other people at risk of HIV transmission. This risk often arises as a result of multiple factors which may include homelessness, drug and alcohol use, mental health issues, lack of social support, unemployment or financial instability, and lack of access to transport. These factors affect their ability to adhere to regular medication and attend appointments. When combined with behaviours such as unprotected sex, or sharing needles while injecting drugs, there is a high risk of HIV transmission to other people.

The aim of managing a person under ICMP is to assist with access and adherence to HIV treatment and attendance at all relevant appointments, as well as to provide support to address the underlying risk factors. Occasionally, additional measures are required to reduce the risk of HIV transmission, and may include the use of a letter of warning, a test order, or a public health order. A test order and public health order are described in full in the Public Health Act 2016 (WA), and are only used as a last resort.

The current guidelines, “Case Management Program guidelines 2012” are used by health professionals in WA to guide their management of people under the ICMP.

Why your views matter

The reasons for updating the current guidelines include:

  • Updated best-practice evidence regarding HIV treatment;
  • To reflect the recently updated national guidelines;
  • The update of legislation including the Public Health Act 2016; and
  • To provide consistency in approach to ICMP.

This consultation will provide the Department of Health WA with valuable feedback on the draft updated guidelines.

The online survey consists of three questions.

Please explain the reasons behind your suggestions.

What happens next

Thank you for providing your feedback as part of this consultation. The feedback is currently being considered, and the guidelines are undergoing a final review. It is anticipated that the guidelines will be finalised and made available online in late 2019.


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