User Feedback: Online Carers Compliance Report

Closed 12 May 2023

Opened 6 Apr 2023


We are very appreciative that you have agreed to participate in pilot testing our new online “Contracted Service Provider Progress Report 2022-23” questionnaire, designed to capture compliance with the Carers Recognition Act 2004. Your participation in this pilot is critical in ensuring the online questionnaire is fit for purpose before implementation and completion by all contracted health entities for the 2022-23 reporting period.

Why your views matter

The primary aim of this online questionnaire is to streamline the collection and collation process and reduce the administrative burden associated with manual data collection. You will also note that the questionnaire has been revised since 2021-22 with more questions being asked and this is to ensure we can gather the required compliance information as prescribed by the Carers Advisory Council.

As part of the pilot, we would like you to complete a User Feedback Form, providing us with insights on your experience. Your valuable input will enable us to ensure the questions asked are clearly understood, the online form is efficient, and to identify any technical and usability aspects of the form that may need to be modified.


  • WA Health Service Providers


  • Carer engagement