2021-22 Heatwave high threat season feedback

Closed 6 Jun 2022

Opened 19 May 2022


The Bureau of Meteorology have released information to advise the summer of 2021/22 was the hottest on record.  The higher maximums compounded by high overnight minimums resulted in the State Hazard Plan – Heatwave being activated on two occasions; the Festive Season holiday break and a second time leading into the Australia Day holiday.

This survey provides opportunity for agencies to feedback on observations and opportunities to improve future heatwave activations.

The Department of Health greatly appreciates the support provided by the agencies that support us across the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery phases.  It would be appreciated if you could take a moment to respond to the survey questions from the link below, the survey should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Why your views matter

As the Hazard Management Agency for Heatwave we want to ensure the way we conduct ourself allows your agency to fulfil its combat agency commitments to the hazard of heatwave.

We appreciate open and constructive feedback and will consider the responses in changes to our internal operational plans


  • State government agencies
  • Peak bodies and associations
  • Local governments


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