Sustainable Health Review Interim Report : Feedback Survey

Closed 18 May 2018

Opened 27 Feb 2018


The Minister for Health, Hon Roger Cook MLA announced the release of the Sustainable Health Review Interim Report on 27 February 2018.

The SHR Panel is now seeking views from organisations and members of the community on the findings of the SHR Interim Report and input into other areas the Panel may have missed in the first phase of consultation. Please note, WA health employees are able to provide their input through a separate survey.

Further information about the Sustainable Health Review can be found here.

Why your views matter

The Sustainable Health Review Panel values the views of organisations and the community, as they bring valuable insights and ideas, as well as their experiences from health services.

The results of this feedback survey will be reported to  the SHR Panel, who will use the feedback to test their preliminary directions and develop their Final Report and Recommendations due to Government in November 2018.

Feedback or summaries of feedback provided may be published or quoted in the Panel’s Final Report, unless indicated otherwise.


  • Consumers
  • External Agencies
  • State government agencies
  • Non-government organisations
  • Peak bodies and associations
  • Local governments
  • Research institutions
  • Universities
  • Contracted service providers
  • Aboriginal health
  • Primary Care
  • Researchers


  • Feedback