2019 Leadership Development for Managers

Closed 14 Mar 2019

Opened 28 Feb 2019


The Leadership Development for Managers (LDM) program is designed to enhance participants’ leadership capability and particularly address the key capabilities of an effective System Manager. The program will support participants to:

  • identify their leadership strengths and improvement opportunities
  • develop enhanced values-based leadership and management capabilities
  • be better equipped to perform as an effective System Manager
  • acquire practical skills, tools and frameworks to better lead within their area of influence
  • build and develop networks, and enhance cross-unit collaboration and working relationships.

This program is designed for managers who:

  • are new to the field of leadership, and/or
  • have limited prior education and training in leadership, or
  • are experienced leaders and managers and would like to refresh their knowledge in leadership.

The LDM incorporates 70:20:10 design principles: 70% on the job application; 20% via mentoring and networking in a diverse cohort; and 10% via face to face workshops. The participants will also build a strong partnership with their line managers, the program facilitator and the Organisational Development team. The costs associated with this course will be met by internal funding.

Program structure

The LDM consists of an initial 3-hour orientation module and three 2-day modules. In attending the modules, participants gain knowledge, strategies and tools to develop their leadership capabilities.

Participants undertake a range of activities aimed at enhancing self-awareness and understanding how their behaviour impacts on others. The program includes a 360-degree feedback assessment as well as a pre and post-program coaching debriefs to identify individual development areas for continued growth. The results of the pre-program 360-degree feedback assessments and the completion of a pre-program questionnaire will assist in the calibration of the program content.

  • Pre-program - participant questionnaire
  • Module 1: Orientation – 27 March 2019
  • Module 2: Leading self – 23 and 24 May 2019
  • Module 3: Developing high performing teams – 19 and 20 June 2019
  • Module 4: Strategic leadership and Graduation Ceremony – 24 and 25 July 2019
  • Post-program
    • Program evaluation
    • 360-degree feedback re-assessment (approximately 12 months after program conclusion)

Program delivery

The LDM is delivered by the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA WA). IPAA WA are recognised for their range of public sector workshops and customised agency programs. IPAA WA and the DoH Organisational Development team have collaboratively developed the program content to ensure it is relevant to the DoH context. The facilitator throughout the program will be Alistair Box. Alistair is a registered psychologist, an executive coach and experienced leader. He has many years of experience in facilitating comprehensive leadership programs.

Participant commitment

Participants are expected to:

  • attend all workshops as per the program schedule and for the specified times
  • complete the 360-degree feedback assessment and 1:1 coaching/debrief session
  • complete module pre-work, post-work and group activities by the specified due dates
  • participate as a team member, contributing to workshop discussions and group activities
  • participate in program evaluation and feedback activities
  • engage their teams in conversations about program content and how it could be applied to create improvements.

Nomination process

Nominations for the 2019 program are now open. Interested eligible staff (PSA Levels 7 and 8 or equivalent) should seek their manager’s provisional approval prior to submitting an expression of interest of no more than two hundred words to express why they want to participate in the LDM.


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