Have your say on planning for Patient Safety and Clinical Quality

Closed 12 Nov 2021

Opened 25 Oct 2021

Feedback updated 15 Mar 2022

We asked

We asked the following questions of all survey respondents:

  • What are your biggest current strategic challenges for safety and quality in WA Health?
  • How can the DoH support your S&Q initiatives and priorities?
  • How can the DoH improve collaboration to drive effective safety and quality in WA Health?

We also asked a series of specific questions depending on whether respondents worked in a Health Service Provider or the Department of Health.

You said

You said the key issues facing our safety and quality system include:

  • The availability of high-quality, accessible safety and quality data, and a desire for more skills to use data effectively to support safety and quality initiatives;
  • HSP and DOH awareness and ability to implement contemporary approaches to quality and quality improvement in healthcare;
  • Resourcing to support a strong, positive patient safety culture, and to sustain positive safety culture long-term;
  • Barriers to compliance with safety and quality measures and engagement between the Department and Health Service Providers to proactively resolve patient safety issues

We did

Your feedback contained a mix of concrete suggestions for safety and quality activities and initiatives, and ways of working towards these within the confines of our health system.

We have used your feedback to help shape detailed goal setting for the Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Directorate’s Strategy 2022-2025

We will continue to refer to specific comments and feedback as we implement the Strategy.

Results updated 15 Mar 2022

We have used your feedback to help shape detailed goal setting for the Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Directorate’s Strategy 2022-2025. We have adopted four key pillars to support these goals over the next three years:

  • Quality intelligence – the meaningful application of high-quality interoperable data to assist with service planning and support improvements in clinical quality;
    provide assurance for the System Manager; and inform the community.
  • Quality improvement – enhancing skills, resources, training programs, and standardised systems to support quality improvement in WA Health.
  • Culture and Capability – working with Health Service Providers to support all staff in safety and quality initiatives, considering human factors, healthcare communication, staff wellbeing.
  • Regulatory Stewardship – provide proactive, collaborative regulation and assurance to the System Manager for patient safety in private and public health facilities respectively and to support clinical governance in both.

We will review progress against the Strategy on an ongoing basis, using appropriate KPIs and timeframes for implementation.

Please refer to the PSCQ Strategy 2022-2025 below for more information.



The Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Directorate is developing its strategic directions for 2022-2025 and invites you to have your say.

We are seeking the perspectives of staff across WA Health on our draft strategic direction, which includes proposed activities against four key areas:

  • Quality Intelligence
  • Quality Improvement
  • Culture and Capability
  • Regulatory Stewardship

All WA Health staff are welcome to provide a submission, and we are particularly seeking feedback from front-line clinicians; executive and support staff; safety, quality, policy, and risk teams; and related directorates within the Department of Health.

This survey must be completed with reference to the Draft Strategic Direction Slide Deck.

The survey completion deadline has been extended by an additional week, and will now close on 12 November, 2021.

Why your views matter

Your participation in this survey will inform strategic and operational planning for the Directorate for the next three years. 


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