Medicines and Poisons Regulations 2015

Closed 14 Oct 2015

Opened 14 Sep 2015

Feedback updated 29 Feb 2016

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For your feedback about the Medicines and Poisions Regulations 2015.

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Your feedback contributed to the Decision Regulatory Impact Statement.

The Decision RIS has now been complete and can be accessed at:

Drafting instructions are currently being completed for the Parliamentary Council Office to compile into legislation to be presented to Parliament.

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This survey is to seek feedback on the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement  regarding the proposed regulations for inclusion in the Medicines and Poisons Regulations, 2015.

Feedback on proposed regulations is sought from consumers, representatives from industry, the public health sector, government entities and the broader community.

Safe use of medicine and poisons in WA, is currently regulated by the following legislation:

  • Posions Act 1964
  • Poisons and Medicines Regulations 1965


A new Act,  Medicines and Poisons Act 2014 (the Act), was tabled in parliament on 02 July 2014.  The Act will replace the aged Poisons Act 1964 in regulating medicines and poisons in WA.  Updated regulations are required to support the Act.

The consultation document is available below for your review on PDF or via the uploadable links below.

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Why your views matter

Development of the Act included broad stakeholder consultation and impact assessment. The Consultation and Regulations Impact Statement was drafted to provide further targeted consultation for the formulation of regulations particularly in areas of reform. 

Interested parties are invited to comment on this consultation document via the Consultation Survey tab below. 

What happens next

The feedback provided from the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement will be used to complete a Decision Regulation Impact Statement for Medicine and Poisons Regulation 2015.


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