Closed Obesity Management Service Inventory

Closed 27 Apr 2018

Opened 26 Mar 2018


The impact of overweight and obesity on the health system is well known.  What is not known is what programs and services are being provided, by whom, from where and to what standard to those in need of assistance with weight management in WA.

Health Networks Branch is working on behalf of WA health system and in collaboration with the WA Primary Health Alliance and Health Consumers Council to provide strategic leadership to develop Targets for Change to reverse the trend of overweight and obesity in WA.  The first step in this process is to establish a benchmark of what programs currently exist in WA and how well we are servicing the need in the community.

The Obesity Management Inventory will complement research on best practice, international and national evidence, strategies for behaviour change, and work in prevention and health promotion conducted by the Chronic Disease Prevention Directorate.  The intention is to establish the most effective, efficient and quality pathway for a consumer needing support to manage their weight in WA.

Why your views matter

Your opinion and answers are important because:

We recognise that you are part of the front line of health service provision in WA.  Hence your input into the creation of the Obesity Management Inventory is essential.  We are interested in gathering information on programs that your organisation delivers or programs you refer patients to or are simply aware of. Programs can be focused on a specific target group such as young people, Aboriginal people, or a geographic area as well as those that cover the broad population.

This survey is looking for information on programs that focus on (but not limited to) areas such as:

  • Weight management and obesity (for people who are overweight or obese)
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Physical exercise
  • Healthy living
  • Surgical interventions
  • Medical management
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Supplements
  • Psychological and counselling support etc.

For the purposes of this survey, the term ‘program’ is inclusive of:

  • Activities
  • Services
  • Initiatives and/or
  • Programs.

You may wish to provide feedback on more than one program. In this instance, you will need to complete an individual survey for each program. You will receive the relevant instructions at the completion of the survey.

Completing the survey

This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. You can start the survey and come back to it if you need to.  You can remain anonymous if you choose, however we ask that you provide the name of your organisation in order for the inventory to be complete and useful and in case we need to contact you to obtain more information about the program information that has been provided.

For further information, please contact Health Networks on 9222 0200 or via

To begin the survey, please click the 'online survey' link in the green box below.


  • WA Health services and staff
  • State government agencies
  • Non-government organisations
  • Peak bodies and associations
  • Local governments
  • Research institutions
  • Universities
  • Contracted service providers
  • Health professionals
  • Primary Care
  • Researchers
  • Policy
  • Planning
  • Population Health
  • Prevention Professionals


  • Policy development
  • Planning
  • Food and nutrition
  • Policy development