Public Health Amendment (Immunisation Requirements for Enrolment) Bill 2019

Closed 26 Mar 2019

Opened 5 Mar 2019

Feedback updated 5 Jun 2019

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Your feedback about the Public Health Amendment (Immunisation Requirements for Enrolment) Bill 2019. Thank you for your input.

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Your feedback contributed to the Decision Regulatory Impact Statement. This document has now been completed and can be accessed at

The Bill was introduced into Parliament in May 2019.

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The key focus of this consultation is to obtain stakeholder feedback on the Options and Proposals to strengthen immunisation requirements for Western Australian children enrolling into child care services, community kindergartens and schools, before the compulsory education period.

Please read the Discussion Paper entitled Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement: Public Health Amendment (Immunisation requirements for Enrolment) Bill 2019, which is attached below, before completing the Guiding Questions.

This Discussion Paper outlines the two Options that the WA Government is currently investigating to increase childhood immunisation rates:

  • Option AFully implement recently introduced regulations requiring the collection and reporting of immunisation information by child care services, community kindergartens and schools at the time of enrolment, and monitor any impact before changing the status quo.
  • Option B – Amend the Public Health Act 2016 (WA) (‘the Act’) to require, with rare exception, children in WA to be fully vaccinated for age as a condition of enrolment into child care services, community kindergartens and schools, before the compulsory education period.

Why your views matter

The Department of Health is seeking feedback from the early education and care industry, schools, government, parents and other stakeholders to determine the most effective option for achieving improved childhood immunisation rates in WA.

The Discussion Paper explains the Options and Proposals, and investigates their advantages, disadvantages and impacts. This Discussion Paper should be read alongside the Guiding Questions to assist in providing feedback. The 25 Guiding Questions ask your views with regards to the Options and Proposals, and you are also asked to identify alternative options and proposals that have not been considered. Please explain the reasons behind your suggestions, and where possible provide evidence to support your views.

Unless marked as ‘confidential’, all correspondence will be regarded as public documents which may be made available on the Department of Health website or be viewed by members of the public on request. If you wish for your response to remain confidential please check the box at the beginning of the survey.

You can also provide any additional feedback by emailing

What happens next

The key findings of the consultation will be available online at, when a decision on the Bill has been made public.


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