Managing public health risks from wastewater conveyance, treatment and disposal in Western Australia

Closed 18 Jun 2021

Opened 9 Feb 2021


The key focus of this consultation is to obtain feedback on the most effective option to manage the public health risks associated with the conveyance, treatment and disposal of wastewater in Western Australia (WA).

Please read the discussion paper on “Managing the public health risk from the conveyance, treatment and disposal of wastewater in Western Australia” before completing this survey.

The discussion paper provides a summary of the current regulatory framework for wastewater in WA and highlights the improvements that can be made to manage the public health risks associated with managing wastewater using a risk based approach. The three options for the new regulatory framework are:

Option 1: Retain the Status Quo Replicate (as far as practicable) the relevant provisions of the Health (MP) Act 1911 and its subsidiary legislation in new regulations made under the Public Health Act 2016. The existing codes adopted in the Wastewater regulations would be adopted in the new regulations.

Option 2. Deregulate the wastewater industry and repeal the current legislation associated with wastewater management.  That is, to repeal without replacement the relevant provisions of the Health (MP) Act 1911 and its subsidiary legislation and adopted codes.

Option 3. Develop new public health regulations for wastewater management under the Public Health Act, which align with its principles and establish the necessary compliance requirements and processes using the mechanisms provided in the Public Health Act. Existing or new codes of practice may be developed and adopted in the new regulations.

DOH’s preferred option is to develop new regulations for wastewater under the Public Health Act 2016.  A set of proposals that align with the principles and provisions of the Public Health Act are also presented in the discussion paper.

The survey should take approximately 80 minutes to complete. There are 150 questions. You do not have to comment on all the questions and can focus on those areas that are important to you.

You will also be able to save your responses and return at a later time to complete the survey before submitting it.

You can read the survey questions here prior to completing the online survey.

When you complete each section, you will be returned to this page. Once you have completed at least one section, a submit button will appear.

At the completion of the survey, please make sure that you click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of this page in order to submit your responses.

Why your views matter

With the introduction of the Public Health Act 2016 in WA, the provisions in the Health (MP) Act 1911 relating to Sanitary Provisions, must be reviewed and either repealed or replaced with new regulations in accordance with the new regulatory framework.

As part of the review process, this consultation will provide the DOH with valuable feedback on the most effective options to manage the public health risks associated with the wastewater. The feedback will also be presented to the Better Regulation Unit to assist in future management decisions.

You are welcome to provide additional feedback that may not be related to any of the questions or ideas for options that have not been considered.

Please explain the reasons behind your suggestions, and where possible evidence to support your views, estimates of any costs that may relate to the proposal, and examples of solutions.

What happens next

The information gathered from this consultation will be used in the development of new regulations. Your input is crucial as it will assist in identifying what areas of wastewater mangement need further consideration.

After analysis of all submissions, a determination of which option to adopt, will be made. The results and findings of the consultation will be presented in a consultation summary report and submitted to the WA Better Regulation Unit, to support the preferred option.

The consultation summary report will be made available on the Department of Health website. 

Please email if you have any queries. 


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