Review of the WA Health Consent to Treatment Policy

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Closes 16 Mar 2021


The structure of the Consent to Treatment Policy (the Policy) and the Consent to Treatment Procedure (the Procedure) has been guided by the Policy Framework Support team to ensure they meet the requirements established for mandatory policies issued by the Department of Health as the 'System Manager'.


Now that you have reviewed the draft Mandatory Policy and Procedure documents please work through the survey questions. Noting there is space at the end for general feedback and queries.


The Policy and Procedure are applicable (Section 2 Policy & Section 2 Procedure) to HSPs and is binding on Contracted Health Entities (where stated in their contract), that provide clinical treatment to public patients, therefore excluding Health Support Services. 

Private health care facilities are out of scope but are encouraged to consider the core content of the Policy (and Procedure) and utilise the supporting documents if appropriate (Section 6 Policy)

The Policy and Procedure do not cover consent relating to matters other than treatment (e.g. financial consent, consent to clinical research, collecting or disclosing information or photography or filming).

1. Do you agree with the applicability stated?