Patient Opinion Dashboard Consultation

Closed 17 May 2019

Opened 29 Apr 2019


Patient Opinion™ is an independent, not-for-profit online consumer feedback platform which offers consumers and carers an opportunity to provide anonymous moderated comment about their healthcare experiences online.

The Patient Opinion™ Dashboard will display a summary of Patient Opinion™ activity for all WA Health Service Providers. The dashboard displays data that is already publicly available but across several sites. Displaying data in one place as a web page on the HealthyWA website is intended to enable those interested to gain a quick snap shot of Patient Opinion™ activity in WA and guide those interested to more in depth information.

You can visit the Patient Opinion™ Hub on the HealthyWA website here for more information.

Why We Are Consulting

We are interested to know what information you would like to see on the Patient Opinion™ Dashboard. We are starting the conversation by providing information about each of the Department of Health WA Health Service Providers on a sample “dashboard” provided to you here. We would like your feedback on what has been provided.

If you would like to view a copy of all the questions prior to starting the survey this is available by clicking "Related Documents" below. 


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