Chronic Condition Self-Management Programs (CCSM)

Closed 13 Feb 2015

Opened 2 Dec 2014


The Chronic Conditions Self-Management (CCSM) Reference Group invites consultation on the two attached draft documents :

1.       WA Chronic Conditions Self-Management (CCSM) - CCSM Program Criteria

2.       Self-Management Assessment Guide

(Please ensure you download and read the two attached draft documents by clicking on the links at the bottom of screen, prior to commencing the survey)

These draft documents have been prepared as part of the implementation of the WA Chronic Conditions Self-Management Strategic Framework 2011-2015 (see link below).

The Self-Management Assessment Guide is designed to be read in conjunction with the Chronic Conditions Self-Management (CCSM) Program Criteria document.

This consultation also provides an opportunity for individuals and organisations to provide information about Chronic Conditions Self-Management programs.

The purpose of these documents is to:

(1) provide advice on the minimum criteria for a Chronic Conditions Self-Management program/service and

(2) guide organisations seeking relevant program evaluation tools for Chronic Conditions Self-Management programs.



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  • Medicare Local
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  • Non Government Organisations
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